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Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture

Although cosmetic acupuncture is a new introduction in the West, and offers a natural alternative to cosmetic surgery, Chinese doctors have been using points on the face for thousands of years to help combat signs of ageing and to help skin conditions.

Cosmetic acupuncture may increase collagen production, and blood and lymph circulation to the face and scalp. Research has shown that acupuncture stimulates the flow of blood and energy through the skin in the face, thereby boosting the skin’s supply of nutrients and oxygen, and thus reducing the signs of ageing.

The International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture (1996) reported that among 300 cases treated with facial acupuncture, 90% had marked effects with one course of treatment. The effects include: improvement of elasticity of facial muscles, ruddier complexion, and overall revitilisation.

Facial points are stimulated using the finest, sterilised, disposable needles and supported with acupressure (gentle massage). Supportive needles may also be used elsewhere on the body to balance your constitution. The course of the treatment is between 10-15 consecutive weekly sessions. Each individual will respond differently to the treatment depending on their age and lifestyle. Monthly maintenance treatments are usually recommended.